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Exploring the Notability Gender Gap (Freebase, BigQuery, Maps)

PISA a data block replication framework

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Google Bigquery explained

Transactions and Abstractions for Apache HBase

Documented oriented Access to Graphs

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CRDTs: Consistency without consensus

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Write plain text and get live, interactive Graph Models in your browser

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Cassandra and the Native Driver

Adding Search as a First Class Citizen to Hadoop

Vectorized Query Execution in Apache Hive

Staying ahead of Users & Time - two use cases of scaling data with Elasticsearch

Cutting Hadoop developer cycle time.

Keynote: Devops is Dead: Long Live Devops

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Time Series Data With Apache Cassandra


Deep Learning for High Performance Time-series Databases

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Security and Privacy in Cloud Environments

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A real world multifactor recommender system

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High quality, low maintenance content tagging @ ZEIT Online

Hadoop on OpenStack cloud

Real-time personalization and recommendation with stream mining

Search quality in practice

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Data Modelling in the New World

Scoring for human beings

I/Opener to the Big I/O

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