Berlin Buzzwords 2014


Your idea on stage!

Do you have an idea for a great session but don't want to be a speaker yourself? Tell us your suggestion!

If you missed your favorite topic at Berlin Buzzwords last time or want to hear more about a specific theme, you can fill in our form. Add the title and abstract of the session you would love to see and feel free to add a speaker wish, too.

Call for Submissions starts in January

In 2014, Berlin Buzzwords once again offers everyone the chance to become a speaker and present their ideas in front of a large international audience.

Berlin Buzzwords is looking for speakers who submit talks on the following topics:

• Information Retrieval / Search – Lucene, Solr, katta, ElasticSearch or comparable solutions
• NoSQL – like CouchDB, MongoDB, Jackrabbit, Hbase and others
• Large Data Processing – Hadoop itself, MapReduce, Cascading or Pig

Closely related topics not explicity listed above are welcome as well.