Berlin Buzzwords 2014


Mark your calendar for Berlin Buzzwords 2015!

We are back! And we are excited to announce that we’ll be organizing another edition of Berlin Buzzwords, which will be held from May 31 to June 3, 2015. On Sunday, May 31, Berlin Buzzwords starts with the barcamp, followed by the two main conference days on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday attendees can join several workshops, meetups & hackathons taking place all over Berlin hosted by Berlin Buzzwords and local companies. 

Berlin Buzzwords 2014 - recap

It’s already a week since we celebrated the fifth edition of Berlin Buzzwords and we can honestly say: It was pleasure to welcome all of you! A big thanks to everyone for being part of it. We hope that you had an awesome time with lots of old friends and new people, as well as some inspiring talks and workshops.

Open Stage Program

In April, we announced, that we would have a open stage that would be open for everyone to submit a topic and hold a talk. We then received a number of interesting submissions that were scheduled into the program. The Open Stage will be located in the "Frannz Restaurant" in Kulturbrauerei, so right in the main area of our venue. Here's the list of presentations in an overview.

Starting off with the Barcamp

We're just a few days away from the start of our 5th ever Berlin Buzzwords, and preparations are in full swing! To help those of you who are arriving early, here's what's on this Sunday (our day zero).

Sunday's main event is our ever popular BarCamp. As usual, we'll be hosting a wide range of discussions, talks, presentations and debates about all things Search, Scale and Store. Everyone is welcome, whether to attend, speak, debate, ask smart questions, blog, tweet, help, or everything in between!

Join the Meetups and Hackathons!

Before and after the two days of Berlin Buzzwords conference, it's time to get involved, make things happen and work on high quality and deep technical content. Besides the annual barcamp on Sunday we offer attendees the possibility of visiting meetups, workshops and hackathons for an intense and focused insight into their favorite topics. They are organised by volunteers and hosted by Berlin Buzzwords as well as local companies. Berlin Buzzwords attendees are free to go to any of these after successful registration.

Here's the list of Hackathons and Meetups:

Hadoop on OpenStack cloud

On Tuesday, May 27, Dmitry Mescheryakov from Mirantis will talk about OpenStack cloud. OpenStack is a fast growing cloud platform. Hadoop was brought there a year ago by Sahara (ex. Savanna) project. The Project's aim is to remove the entry barrier for running Hadoop on OpenStack.

Speaker Interviews

This year we've conducted interviews with our Berlin Buzzwords Speakers to get to know them better. How did they get started developing software? What will their talks be about? What do they hope to accomplish by giving their talk? What do the expect?

You can find the interviews here.

5 years Berlin Buzzwords!

How time flies: This year we celebrate the fifth edition of Berlin Buzzwords Conference! It all began in 2010 with an announcment at FOSDEM: Berlin Buzzwords - a conference focusing on scalable search, storage and processing - was to take place in early June in Berlin. The first Berlin Buzzwords Conference presented speakers like Grant Ingersoll, Eric Evans, Doug Judd, Michael Busch, Steve Loughran, Frank Scholten and Sean Owen. The conference featured talks from the NoSQL community, Lucene, Apache Mahout and Hadoop. More than 300 attendees filled the venue "Kosmos Berlin" to join presentations of international speakers specific to the three tags "search", "store" and "scale".