Hadoop on OpenStack cloud

On Tuesday, May 27, Dmitry Mescheryakov from Mirantis will talk about OpenStack cloud. OpenStack is a fast growing cloud platform. Hadoop was brought there a year ago by Sahara (ex. Savanna) project. The Project's aim is to remove the entry barrier for running Hadoop on OpenStack. Sahara eases the move to OpenStack, as it hides details unneeded for the end user to deploy Hadoop cluster on OpenStack. It can not only deploy the cluster, but also scale an existing one. Another Sahara advantage is the provisioning speed: it can bring up a cluster of vanilla Hadoop in five minutes.
This talk is sponsored by Mirantis, a pure-play OpenStack Company. They deliver all the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade open source cloud. Companies rely on Mirantis to scale out OpenStack without the compromises of vendor lock-in. Their bench of 400+ open source infrastructure experts helped make them one of the top 5 contributors to OpenStack’s upstream codebase. Please find more information on the time and content of this talk here.