5 years Berlin Buzzwords!

How time flies: This year we celebrate the fifth edition of Berlin Buzzwords Conference! It all began in 2010 with an announcment at FOSDEM: Berlin Buzzwords - a conference focusing on scalable search, storage and processing - was to take place in early June in Berlin.

The first Berlin Buzzwords Conference presented speakers like Grant Ingersoll, Eric Evans, Doug Judd, Michael Busch, Steve Loughran, Frank Scholten and Sean Owen. The conference featured talks from the NoSQL community, Lucene, Apache Mahout and Hadoop. More than 300 attendees filled the venue "Kosmos Berlin" to join presentations of international speakers specific to the three tags "search", "store" and "scale".

In 2011, the second edition took place at Urania in Berlin. Once again, with the goal of bringing together developers, scientists and analysts working on innovative technologies for storing, analysing and searching massive amounts of digital data. Have a look at all the amazing speakers of 2011 here.

In 2012 Berlin Buzzwords took place at Urania again, but we gave the event a new design, a fresh look that stayed until now. Watch the video to hear some speakers and attendees talk about their experience.

Last year, we moved into a great new venue. Kulturbrauerei Berlin is a former beer brewery. Its inner courtyard is the heart of the venue, where people meet and have a drink together, while the different rooms provide enough space for several talks and workshops. If you're interested in last year's topics, check out our youtube playlist that contains video recordings of the sessions!

So how does one celebrate the fifth birthday of a conference? We'd say: with another great conference, with the most interesting sessions and lot's of additional activities that make Berlin Buzzwords a special experience. Don't miss the Barcamp on Sunday and check out the workshops and hackathons!

Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 Henrik Becker