Keynote: From Theory to Real-World Applications: Technology Transfer in Practice

Elasticsearch Query DSL - Not just for wizards...

Exploring the Notability Gender Gap (Freebase, BigQuery, Maps)

PISA a data block replication framework

Elasticsearch - aggregations

Google Bigquery explained

Transactions and Abstractions for Apache HBase

Documented oriented Access to Graphs

CRDTs: Consistency without consensus

Custom Solr Tokenizer in Action – Flexible Tokenizer mit JFlex erstellen

Turning search upside down : search for queries with documents

Big Data looks tiny from Stratosphere

Write plain text and get live, interactive Graph Models in your browser

Randomize your tests and it will blow your socks off

Consensus and Consistency -- Why Should I Care?

Scalable Continuous Delivery with Scala on Mesos&Marathon

Secrets of YARN application development

Lambda Architecture or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Human Fault Tolerance

Elasticsearch - Percolator

Harnessing the power of YARN with Apache Twill

Blueflood 2.0 and beyond: Distributed open source metrics processing

What's new in MongoDB 2.6.

Geospatial Analysis of Social Media posts with Elasticsearch

Cassandra and the Native Driver

Adding Search as a First Class Citizen to Hadoop

Vectorized Query Execution in Apache Hive

Staying ahead of Users & Time - two use cases of scaling data with Elasticsearch

Cutting Hadoop developer cycle time.

Keynote: Devops is Dead: Long Live Devops

Side by side with Elasticsearch and Solr

Time Series Data With Apache Cassandra


Deep Learning for High Performance Time-series Databases

How to tackle performance issues when implementing high traffic multi-language search engine with Solr/Lucene

Security and Privacy in Cloud Environments

The Apache Lucene Infrastructure: What’s going on in development behind the scenes?

Hidden Gems: Getting More Out Of Apache Solr

Real-time Data De-duplication using Locality-sensitive Hashing powered by Storm and Riak

Lean Ranking infrastructure with Solr

A real world multifactor recommender system

How Graphs and Java make GraphHopper efficient and fast

High quality, low maintenance content tagging @ ZEIT Online

Hadoop on OpenStack cloud

Apache Giraph: start analyzing graph relationships in your bigdata in 45 minutes (or your money back)!

Real-time personalization and recommendation with stream mining

Search quality in practice

Data Modelling in the New World

Scoring for human beings

I/Opener to the Big I/O

Samza at LinkedIn: Taking Stream Processing to the Next Level

The ultimate guide for Elasticsearch plugins

How you can benefit from using Redis

Real-time Map Reduce: Exploring Clickstream Analytics with Spark Streaming, Kafka and WebSockets