Speakers and Sessions are now online!

We're happy to publish the list of speakers and sessions for Berlin Buzzwords 2014 conference program!

You can find the speakers here and browse the sessions here.

This year's program is full of interesting topics. There is a good amount of machine learning/data analytics that makes a whole program track. Then we have a lot of search topics, some Hadoop talks. Storage/NoSQL talks are also in, although a bit less. We have great talks that offer background insights, e.g. "Scoring for human beings" by Britta Weber, "Randomize your tests and it will blow your socks off" by Dawid Weiss and "Consensus and Consistency" by Neha Narula.

What's also a little different this year is that Search and Data Analytics are more closely connected. Talks do not only cover full-text search but also include aggregations, Solr on Hadoop (e.g. the talk by Mark Miller), percolation and geo search - features that directly enable real time data analysis. We also have Uwe Schindler on "The Apache Lucene Infrastructure", Steve Loughran on "The Secrets of YARN application development" and Chris "Hoss" Hostetter on "Hidden Gems: Getting More Out Of Apache Solr"  - just to name a few, but please make sure to check out all of our great speakers!

The next step of our program planning will be the arrangement of those sessions into a schedule, which we will publish soon on this website. If you don't have a ticket yet, get it here - and join us in May for Berlin Buzzwords 2014!
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